King of Glory Preschool

Program Philosophy

King of Glory Preschool is committed to providing a positive and enriching first school experience within a Christian environment of understanding, acceptance, and love. The staff at KOG Preschool understands the importance of the early years of a child's development. Their primary goal is to focus on the uniqueness and well-being of each child. Another important goal of KOG Preschool is to help children develop various self-awareness skills including self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility for the health of the classroom, including their classmates.

Each age level operates from a theme-based curriculum which gives every class a purposeful foundation for its learning experience. This framework includes covering concepts from the Arizona Early Learning Standards as well as letters, numbers, shapes, early literacy items, and science. These concepts are introduced in a classroom environment where an enjoyment for exploring and using one's curiosity is carefully crafted for the children. In each classroom, children are engaged on a daily basis in creative hands-on activities which increase their fine motor skills and allow them to sharpen their ability to make thoughtful and fitting decisions.

Another foundation KOG Preschool builds is one of academic preparedness through the practice of many readiness skills embedded in daily tasks and other classroom activities. Every child is given the opportunity to strengthen their fine motor dexterity, to reinforce their phonemic awareness through the Zoo Phonics program as well as build their capability to understand number concepts. These abilities, coupled with the social and emotional skills children build throughout the year in their classroom, assist in preparing them for success in elementary school.

Infused in every aspect of the program is a deep love for God and the desire to include Him and His principles in everything that is done in the classroom. KOG Preschool offers a strong Bible curriculum where each child learns classic Bible stories as well as how to keep the Word of God in their hearts.  

 King of Glory Preschool

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