King of Glory Preschool


Color:   Hot Pink

Scent:   Vanilla

Place to Shop:   Target

Candy:   None

Fast Food:   None

Nice Restaurant:   Flower Child

Snack:   Nuts, Fruit and Jerky

Refreshments: Unsweetened Iced Tea

Color:   Purple

Scent:   White Tea, Ginger, Any

Place to Shop:   Target

Candy:   None

Fast Food:   Chipotle

Nice Restaurant:   Outback

Snack:   Strawberries

Refreshments: ICE Flavored Waters (not grapefruit)

Color:   Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Cherry Red

Scent:   Vanilla and Grapefruit

Place to Shop:   Target, JCPennys

Candy:   Dark Chocolate

Fast Food:   Panda Express, In-n-Out

Nice Restaurant:   Pei Wei, Pita Jungle

Snack:   Kettle Chips, Sweet Potato Chips, Popcorn

Refreshments:   Green Iced Tea, Coffee, Water

Color:   Blue

Scent:   Any

Place to Shop:   Target

Candy:   Junior Mints

Fast Food:   Chipotle

Nice Restaurant:   Someburros

Snack:   Popcorn

Refreshments:   Cherry Coke, Pepsi, Carmel Frap

Color:   Any

Scent:   Vanilla

Place to Shop:  Hobby Lobby

Candy:   Anything Chocolate

Fast Food:   Cafe Rio

Nice Restaurant:   Red Robin

Snack:   Trail Mix, Pretzels

Refreshments:   Unsweetened Iced Tea

Color:    Pink

Scent:    Cinnamon

Place to Shop:    Dollar Store, Michael's

Candy:    Twix or Dark Chocolate

Fast Food:    Chick-Fil-A

Nice Restaurant:    Olive Garden

Snack:    Fruit

Refreshments:    Diet Coke

King of Glory Preschool
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