KOG Preschool - New Playground 

The playground renovation is completed!
The playground at KOG Preschool is finished and it now provides an enhanced free play experience for all of the students! It is also beautiful and very engaging visually. 
The playground is the main area where children build their gross motor skills such as climbing, running and swinging, which in turn allows the children to build and strengthen their muscles. It is also a place where children have the freedom to socialize, regulate their emotions, and enjoy the outdoors.                                     
Now, the children can enjoy these experiences in a whole new way due to the recent improvements. They have a new house to play in. The manipulatives table will provide an added play experience by giving children the opportunity to explore different items that they would find in nature. We also added an outside easel for art and magnet fun. 

                                         BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

On Thursday, August 19, 2021, KOG Preschool held a "Blessing of the Playground" ceremony before class. All the preschool families were invited to come as well as the KOG Lutheran church staff and other congregation members. Pastor Paul Finley led everyone in song and prayed over the playground. Cindy Stark, Preschool Director, gave a small overview of the journey that the preschool had gone through to get this project completed. It was a wonderful and meaningful way to conclude the playground renovation. 
KOG Preschool is thankful to so many who made this renovation possible and provided the leadership to see it through successfully. The preschool is also very thankful to those patrons who supported this project financially. And, the preschool is very appreciative of everyone's prayers through this time. To God be the glory!