Testimonials from KOG Parents

"I love how King of Glory not only taught my children letters, numbers and other things, but they tied in God/Christ centered learning. Teachers love the kids while still setting boundaries to prepare them for kindergarten. My son loves the friends he made and the awesome teachers!"

Rebekah Griffin

KOG Parent for 2 years

"Our child has become more independent which was one of our goals for Joseph. We wanted Joseph to love school and he does. He never wanted to miss school and would ask if he could go every day.

The quality staff is what we have valued most. All of the learning and development has flowed from this point. Joseph is where he is today, socially and emotionally because of the wonderful educators."

Christina Bates

KOG Parent for 2 years

"The greatest benefit both my children received from KOG Preschool is kindergarten readiness. They are both ready academically as well as socially. The second, most important benefit is the wonderful religious education they received in a loving, secure, fun environment.

Both of my girls loved their teachers and especially loved the friends they made! I was fortunate enough to make friends of my own with the other parents and the teachers too!"

Monique Zurga

KOG Parent for 5 1/2 years


"Today marks the end of a wonderful 14 year relationship with King of Glory Preschool in Tempe, as my youngest daughter leaves preschool to enter kindergarten next year. I am so grateful for this community of teachers and parents which have nurtured my three children (and me!) for a total of seven school years.

From the moment I first toured the facilities in 1999, I fell in love with the huge classrooms, the warmth, expertise and longevity of the staff, the hugs freely given to children, the open door policy for parents to drop in any time, the Christ-centered environment, and the co-op parental involvement.

The teachers are always laughing and there is a great deal of joy at this school. The teachers are superb! They all love the kids so much and are an example to me of patience, kindness and joy. They are long on positive words and generous with hugs and smiles."

Cheryl Smith

KOG Parent for 7 years


 "The educational foundation is the first benefit from KOG Preschool to our family. Ayden, a KOG Preschool alumnus, is doing so well completing first grade, due to lessons learned at KOG. It's my observation that Ayden gained valuable learning and social skills during his three years at KOG Preschool that have translated into success in the public school system.

The second benefit to our family is the spiritual and social foundation. When Ayden entered KOG five years ago, he was a shy boy. My wife, Mindy, was nervous about how he would handle being separated and among a bunch of children his age. KOG Preschool provides an environment where both children have blossomed into social butterflies, and can't stop talking about their 'friends.'

It is a blessing to drop off our boys, and see them start out the day with a hug from their instructor. They also leave with a squeeze, so my boys start and end their day at preschool with an emphasis on love."

 John and Mindy Zinn

KOG Parents for 5 years


 "The first benefit from KOG Preschool to my family is the truly caring nature of the entire school staff. We have always felt more like a family than just students going to a school. The entire staff is sincerely loving and caring and treats the children as their own. The children receive plenty of individualized attention in class as well.

The second benefit is an exposure to a well-rounded curriculum. The kids have learned important day to day skills, like calendar, counting, letter phonics/reading, and social skills as well as a variety of environmental subjects and critical life skills such as teeth brushing, fire safety and water safety.

Katie loves to come to school. She gets plenty of open play with her friends as well as one-on-one time with each teacher. She enjoys the craft time especially. Katie participates in the full day program and loves going to Lunch Bunch with her friends. And, she raves about music time in the afternoon class."

Christine Melton

KOG Parent for 3 years


"When our granddaughter came to KOG Preschool at age three, she started late after school had begun because her family had just moved. She was frightened to be left and really threw a fit. Mrs. Troutt held her and made her feel safe. Now, two years later, as she finishes her second year, she is leaving KOG Preschool to start kindergarten knowing all her letters and sounds. She is confident in all of her skills; academic, cognitive and social. She has grown so much in the two years she has been at KOG Preschool.

The things I value most about KOG Preschool is the idea of process vs. product when doing craft projects and the age appropriate activities. I also appreciate the loving staff that love and prays for each child and their family."

Robbie Palmer

KOG Grandparent for 2 years


"The main benefit my granddaughter received from King of Glory Preschool is the companionship of the other students. She also benefited from the teaching of the Christian beliefs in the classroom. We value the many friendships we have made with other children and their families."

Jean Duke

KOG Grandparent for 2 years



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